Educational Advocates


Helping teens in juvenile justice access a meaningful education.

Educational Advocates provide transitional supports to teens in the juvenile justice system by helping students and families negotiate with juvenile justice, schools, vocational programs, colleges and community agencies. Using academic and community success plans, we help teens find ways to achieve a diploma, college enrollment, a career and the ability to earn a living wage.   

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Transition Services

  • Consultation for parents, school staff and juvenile justice personnel
  • Design and implementation of academic and community success plans
  • Assistance in locating and enrolling in school, college or vocational program
  • Assistance in obtaining ID, birth certificate and Social Security cards
  • Skill building sessions and career exploration with individuals and groups
  • Coordination of trauma informed student care supports and resources



Educational Advocate services are free to students, parents, schools and juvenile justice staff in participating agencies. Referred students must be returning to King or Pierce County from a DSHS Juvenile Rehabilitation Institution or be involved with Pierce County Juvenile Court.

For more information, please contact:

King County
Malcolm Lee

Educational Advocate

Pierce County
Lydia Juarez

Educational Advocate

Remann Hall
Natasha Hollingsworth-Ford Educational Advocate


Our partners include the Washington State Department of Child, Youth & Families, Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) King/Pierce, Pierce County Juvenile Court - Remann Hall, OSPI, and the Department of Education


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